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The nutrition department employs 15 full or part-time individuals who are committed to providing nutritious, balanced meals to our patients, staff, visitors, and ECCO Inc, clients.

All food service staff is required to attend regularly scheduled in-services in order to maintain and update their knowledge of the diets offered as well as current safety and sanitation issues. Most of the staff have attended the serve-safe classes and received certificates on proper safety and sanitation practices. All kitchen employees are required to have in-depth knowledge of the various diets we provide to patients. This includes regular, soft, diabetic, full and clear liquid, heart healthy, low sodium, low protein, low purine, renal (dialysis) and dysphagia diets (modified textures).

We have a full-time Licensed and Registered Dietitian who is responsible for supervision of employees, development of regular and selective menus, procurement of food and equipment, and staffing. This includes hiring, training, initial and ongoing education, evaluations, and scheduling of employees. The Dietitian is also responsible for the ensuring proper nutrition for inpatients, educational needs for individuals and groups of outpatients.

As a part of group and individual outpatient educations, the dietitian is a member of Madison Regional Health's diabetes self-management program team. The dietitian works closely with the nurse educators to help provide you with the information you need to successfully manage your diabetes. For more information regarding this program, call (605) 256-6551 to speak to the dietitian or the nurse.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is the latest approach to the dietary management of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other health problems. Research proves that MNT can help delay or prevent the onset of health problems related to poor or inadequate nutrition. If you are interested in improving your nutrition, check with your local physician to see if a consultation is appropriate for you. A physician referral is necessary to obtain a nutrition evaluation.

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