Swing Bed

The swing bed program at Madison Regional Health offers two levels of care; skilled and intermediate. Skilled level of care is for patients requiring the skills of a licensed caregiver such as R.N., L.P.N., and therapists. It is covered under the Medicare program and, in some instances, from insurance carriers. The Rehab team provides services to help people achieve their maximum function in their activities of daily living. All therapists play a part in achieving that goal. Occupational Therapists assist in performing activities of daily living. Physical Therapists assist in body strengthening, mobility, flexibility, and gait training to prevent injury and to help patients in their recovery. Speech Language Pathologists help with cognition, speech, and language to help patients and families communicate. All therapists strive to maximize the patients potential and help families understand and assist with limitations. Our goal on Swing Bed is to achieve the highest function possible in Rehabilitation.

The second level of care available is called intermediate care. It is not covered under Medicare. It is a private pay level of care, or in some instances, covered under long-term care insurance. It is available for those patients awaiting nursing home placement, needing assistance for long-term care placement, respite care for caregivers or for family members who need to make other care giving arrangements.

An Activity Coordinator provides social and therapeutic activities designed to meet the needs and interests of our swing bed patients.

We provide social service and discharge planning services to help make referrals and assist in coordinating needs for discharge or placement. The discharge planner also assists with other facilities as a liaison between facilities and physicians for referrals and coordinates admissions or transfers.

The discharge planner can be reached via our contact page.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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