Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Madison Regional Health System cardiac rehabilitation program is designed for men and women who have experienced a cardiac problem such as coronary artery disease, heart attack, or bypass surgery. Our staff is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to assist patients with exercise training to improve their cardiac strength and overall physical strength and endurance. Education and counseling is also available to provide information and motivation to restore health to its highest possible level and to identify and reduce each individual's risk.

Our rehab program is divided into four different phases. Phase I is a strict monitor of hospital inpatients while phase II is a monitor of outpatients. Phase III is limited monitor and phase IV is a non-monitored, on-your-own program. Each program is designed specifically for each patient with special attention from the staff in identifying the patient's risk factors and reducing those risks for future heart attacks and disease.

Also available at MRHS is a pulmonary rehabilitation program geared toward patients who have respiratory problems caused by both chronic and short-term diseases. The staff works with the patients to obtain full potential in their breathing through exercise. They also teach them how to make life-style adjustments for their disease. The goal is to educate the patient about their disease and how to best take care of it so they can function at their highest ability.

For more information on our cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation programs, contact Cardiopulmonary services by calling 605-256-6551.

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