Internship Program

Our Vision for the Program

At Madison Regional Health System, our mission is to provide quality healthcare close to home. We recognize that this can only be done by adding compassionate, team-oriented members to our team. Internship programs allow us to have an enhanced presence on college campuses while also providing students an opportunity to learn from professionals in their field. We are committed to providing an exceptional learning and working environment for South Dakota students, in particular.

General Options

MRHS has identified three specific internships that are in high need and provide the most benefit to the organization. These areas are nursing, IT, and administrative. These are all high need areas for the facility and have accredited programs through the South Dakota Board of Regents. Applicants reserve the right to apply for internships in other departments. Decisions on internships will be made by the CEO and the director of the desired department.

Nursing MRHS is committed to providing nursing clinical internships to upcoming nurses that are planning to graduate within the next two semesters. The MRHS nursing internship program is certified by the South Dakota Board of Nursing and additional requirements may need to be met based on their policies. Nurses involved in the program will be hired as MRHS employees and will work with a supervisor for 10 weeks. Interns may also enroll for college credit through their universities. Interns can inquire about a loan forgiveness program to assist in covering tuition. The number of interns taken per semester is reliant on how many supervisors are willing and able to mentor students. This is the only internship program that has a specified length and the requirement that the student is an MRHS employee.

IT MRHS is committed to providing IT students with a program that prepares them for the complex world of IT in healthcare. While on site, IT students will learn of the importance of IT and the fact that every other department depends on it to keep daily operations running smoothly. Students will also be introduced to how our EMR system functions. It is likely interns may spend time in all departments as they assist staff in resolving IT issues. In addition, IT interns may be assigned additional projects by their supervisor or by their academic institution.

Administrative MRHS provides administrative internships to future healthcare professionals to expose them to all aspects of managing a healthcare facility. Administrative interns will complete an administrative and/or research project that they decide upon with their supervisor. These projects should benefit both the student and the facility. The only university in South Dakota with the major of health services administration, USD, also requires at least two projects to be completed by the student in order to receive academic credit. They will spend the majority of their time working on these projects, spending time with the CEO, and shadowing different departments within the facility. MRHS will try to accommodate any other academic requirements set in place by other universities.

Application Periods

Application periods closely line up with the academic calendar. Applications close for the upcoming semester on Friday at 5 P.M. the week of midterms of the current semester. For example, an applicant must apply before spring semester midterms in order to be considered for a summer semester internship. Keep in mind the earlier an application is submitted the better, as positions will fill quickly. This process allows for MRHS staff to properly review applications and conduct a formal interview process. Upon hiring, MRHS staff will still have time to prepare projects and curriculum that will be most beneficial to the student and the facility alike.

How to Apply Applicants will need to submit a cover letter and a resume with at least three references. If the student is applying through an academic institution, contact information for the internship coordinator will need to be attached as well. An academic transcript may be requested by MRHS on a per-need basis. Applicants may also be required to submit test scores or certifications depending on the department.

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Internship Program Policy

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