Madison Heart & Stroke Screenings

Madison Regional Health System offers Heart & Stroke Screenings to determine your risk for heart disease or other life-threatening conditions. Both screenings take only up to an hour and do not have to be recommended by a doctor. One screening is $50 / both is $75. Stay Local and schedule your screenings today! 605-256-6551

Are you at risk?

Symptoms include: + Women 45 & Older / Men 40 & Older + High Blood Pressure + History of Smoking + High Stress Levels + Overweight + Inactive Lifestyle + High Cholestrol + Family History + Diabetes

What is Included in Heart Screening:

  • Calcium Score CT
  • Blood Pressure
  • 12 Lead Screening EKG
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Check
  • Education & Risk Assessment with our Expert Team
  • Assessment of your current Diet

What is Included in Stroke Screening:

  • Carotid Screening (scans the carotid arteries to detect any blockage or plaque build-up)
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening (scans aorta to detect any ballooning)
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening (to detect any blockage or plaque buildup in legs)

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