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Doris Garwood Pharmacy Scholarship Awarded to Cleveland

The Madison Regional Health Foundation recently awarded the Doris Garwood Pharmacy Scholarship to Abbie Cleveland of Montrose, S.D. Cleveland is enrolled in the pharmacy program at South Dakota State University and has been a summer intern at Lewis Drug in Madison since May. The $1,000 scholarship, in memory of Doris Garwood, is given to a Madison S.D. area student who has completed at least two years of college and who is currently enrolled in a pharmacy program. Marlin Brozik, member of the Foundation Board and retired Madison Pharmacist, presented the scholarship award at Madison Regional Health System on Friday. Cleveland had the opportunity to visit with Brozik about his 39-year pharmacy career in the Madison. Cleveland also met with Ian Alverson, MRHS Pharmacist, who offered his congratulations and gave her a brief tour of the hospital’s pharmacy. A brief visit to meet the staff at the Lewis Drug at MRHS was the last stop on Cleveland’s visit. Beth Knuths, Executive Director of the Madison Regional Health Foundation, said the Foundation Board and supporters are pleased to offer this scholarship to area pharmacy students, to help them achieve their goal of entering the pharmacy profession. “It was nice for Abbie to meet experienced professionals like Marlin Brozik and Ian Alverson as she begins her pharmacy program and for her to see another area of pharmacy work in addition to her summer internship at Lewis Drug.” The scholarship was set up by Wendell Garwood to honor the memory of his wife, Doris, who passed away in 1988. “It has been awarded annually since 1989, originally by the Madison Hospital Auxiliary. The Madison Regional Health Foundation is pleased to present this scholarship award to Abbie Cleveland this year,” said Brozik.

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