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New CT Scanner at MRHS

The Madison Regional Health System Radiology Department recently added a new and improved diagnostic capability called the Revolution CT Scanner. This scanner will provide numerous benefits to MRHS’s diagnostic technology and includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven 3D camera that auto-positions patients
  • Improved comfort and speed and a better overall patient experience
  • Great image quality
  • Very low dose radiation
  • Super-intuitive and easy-to-use workflow

There are only 3 other CT scanners like this within the nation.

From Jerri McNary, Director of Radiology at MRHS, “With our new 64 slice GE Revolution Maxima, we are able to provide exams with quicker scan times, and improved image quality. This new equipment includes an innovative camera that provides auto positioning thus, improving the patient’s radiation exposure. The new scanner also has the technology Organ Dose Modulation, which aides in protecting sensitive organs from the radiation.”

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